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  • What is Crossroads Fiber?
    Crossroads Fiber is a local high-speed Internet Service Provider powered by Chicopee Electric Light. Crossroads Fiber will be an all-fiber network that will deliver Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps (1000 Mbps).
  • Why is Crossroads Fiber serving business customers first?
    Servicing business customers first allows us to build part of the infrastructure necessary to service residential customers later. This provides a source of revenue that can be used to expand the network to all customers.
  • Will Crossroads Fiber be offering service to all business customers initially?
    No. Customers that are in close proximity to one of our Central Offices will be offered service first. As we expand the network, we can offer service to other customers. Business customers that are interested in service should fill out an interest form.
  • When will Crossroads Fiber offer High-Speed Internet to residential customers?
    We plan to start construction on a pilot project this summer. After completion, customers in the pilot area can apply for service. Following the pilot, Crossroads Fiber will start building the network to the areas with the highest interest levels first.
  • How will Crossroads Fiber determine which areas to build first?
    The City will be broken down into approximately 140 fiberhoods. We will use a demand-aggregation program that will identify customer demand within each fiberhood, based on the number of customers that fill out a show of interest form on our website. When the show of interest hits the desired threshold within a fiberhood, customers will be able to submit an application for service and then we will move the area to the construction queue.
  • What is a Fiberhood?
    Fiberhoods are areas within a neighborhood that are connected to one fiber distribution cabinet. A typical fiberhood will serve up to 256 customers.
  • Why is Crossroads Fiber conducting a Pilot project?
    Building fiber optic networks and offering high-speed Internet is a complicated process. We want to make sure we have worked out all the logistics to make sure we provide first-rate service to all our customers.
  • Why is Crossroads Fiber superior to other internet providers in Chicopee?
    Besides offering the highest speeds in Chicopee, we will also offer upload and download speeds to our customers of up to 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps). Compare this to a cable company that has an upload speed that is less than 1/10th of the download speed.
  • Will Customers always receive the internet speed that they sign up for?
    Our network is being designed to support up to Gigabit speeds to customers. Many factors can influence the speeds that you see including the devices you are using and their age. Other factors such as network traffic and the site you are visiting can also have an impact on the speed.
  • Will Crossroads Fiber provide email service?
    No. Customers will need to check with their current provider to see if they can keep their existing email. If not, there are plenty of free email services out there such as Gmail, Outlook and others.
  • Will Crossroads Fiber offer television service?
    No. We will only provide high-speed internet service. Customers that are interested in local TV stations can install a digital antenna. In addition, there are many streaming services available to provide access to many of the other TV programming.
  • How Do I Access the Configuration Software For My Crossroads Provided Equipment (Command IQ)?
    If you are using Crossroads Fiber provided hardware, you can download the Command IQ app from the app store! Read the FAQ available here!
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