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Chicopee Electric Light (CEL) is working hard to build-out Crossroads Fiber to deliver broadband Internet services to Chicopee residents and businesses. What does CEL know about broadband? We’re the ones who connected all of the municipal buildings, schools and libraries to the fiber backbone running through Chicopee. Following that, we collaborated with another area service provider to offer broadband Internet services to some business customers in Chicopee. 

There are plenty of examples of municipal power providers who are now their community’s go-to for broadband. We believe it makes sense. You depend on CEL to keep the lights on. As a municipal utility, we operate in your best interest and are committed to delivering high-speed Internet service via fiber optic broadband in the same way.


We are building out and offering Internet service in phases, driven by customer demand. This demand-based build ensures that we avoid any impact on electric rates.  


Crossroads Fiber is fast, reliable, fairly priced broadband service delivered by people who care about you. If you’re not satisfied with your current Internet Service Provider, tell your friends and neighbors you’ll be signing up for Crossroads Fiber. Let them know you demand better, and that means broadband from CEL.

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