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My doggone internet stopped working!

We all love our furry-family members - even when they get up to things they should not! This cute 8 month-old pup, Cookie, decided his humans were enjoying Crossroads Fiber Internet WAY TOO much and needed to put a stop to it by way of chomping through the fiber!

Our Chicopee-based crews will always do our best to get you back online ASAP when fiber damage occurs (although charges may apply based on the extent of the repair work required).

Also, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind you that if you are having any repair-work done at your home by your dog OR a contractor, and that work is close to your fiber-line or equipment, call us and we can assist with moving and protecting your connection!

Don't worry Cookie, we'll tell them it wasn't you - must have been the cat. 😉



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