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TWO Fiberhoods; LABELLE DRIVE and GELINAS DRIVE Are Now Open for Applications!

On This Date in History: The 19th Ammendment was ratified, giving women the right to vote (YAY!), Larry Bird announced his retirement (BOO!) and the Woodstock Music & Art Fair ended (COOL!).

We're not saying we can match the importance of such iconic moments, but we are pleased to announce the opening of TWO Fiberhoods; LABELLE DRIVE and GELINAS DRIVE! In addition we are VERY excited to announce that construction has begun in the ELMS COLLEGE Fiberhood. Did they finally say ELMS COLLEGE? ELMS COLLEGE.

As always please remember each "Fiberhood" represents an area which includes MULTIPLE (and sometimes PARTIAL) streets; head over to and click the Sign Up Today button to check your street and submit your application. Please remember, even if you previously submitted a show of interest you must return to the site and APPLY for service! Once your application has been processed, we will reach out to you soon and schedule an appointment for installation!

The following areas are UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Under construction means getting MILES of over-head fiber attached to poles then spliced. This extensive main-line work is required before we can then install drops which connect to your home or business.

Fiberhoods In Construction NOW

- Southwick Street

- Grove Street (South)

- Wheatland Ave


If you haven't already done so, help Bring Fiber Internet to YOUR PART of Chicopee! Submit your interest at, today! This will allow us to email you directly when your area is built and ready for application. You only need to submit interest ONCE for your address!

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