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What is a mid-span and why do I care?!

Some customers will hear our site surveyors mention a "mid-span" is required to bring Crossroads Fiber (and often electric wires) to their home. If a home is set further back from the road, or if our wires would cross over a neighbor's property, wire may be run from the mid-point between two poles and possibly to an additional pole (or poles) before it is attached to the home to provide adequate cable support or to avoid crossing over property not owned by you.

Today our crew was doing preparatory work for a mid-span to a future customer. A steel cable is installed that will act as support for our fiber optic drop-cable before it is run to an additional pole within the property. During install, fiber optic cable will be connected from our pole on the street, strung along this steel cable to its mid-point and then onto the property to be attached to an additional pole before finally attaching it to the home.

Also visible in the distance is another crew continuing construction of the Rolf Avenue Fiberhood!

Great Job to all at CEL and CRF!


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