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Good Afternoon, Chicopee

Good Afternoon, Chicopee!

The Manning Street Fiberhood is now accepting applications for Crossroads Fiber Internet Service!

As always, we remind you to head over to and click the Sign Up Today button to submit your application. Please remember, even if you previously submitted a show of interest you must return to the site and APPLY for service! Once your application has been processed, we will reach out soon to schedule an appointment!

The following areas are under construction, which typically takes 2 - 4 weeks to complete, and should be complete before the end of the year. Under construction means getting over-head fiber cable installed and spliced, and is required to connect homes and business.

- Ingham Street - Cyran Street - Bardon Street - Beauregard Terrace - Loomis Drive - Caddyshack Drive

Help Bring Fiber Internet to Chicopee! Submit your interest (and your extra Halloween candy) at!

Be safe this Halloween AND get ready to let your clocks fall back this weekend too!

Thank you!

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Hope SPRINGS eternal as Crossroads Fiber is now accepting applications in the Jamrog Drive (Fairview area) Fiberhood! We are also adding SCHOOLHOUSE ROAD (Aldenville) to the Under Construction List.

Hello Chicopee!

Crossroads Fiber is MARCH-ing along and now accepting applications in the Caddyshack Drive (Burnett Road area) Fiberhood! We are also adding Summit Avenue (Aldenville) to the Under Construction List.


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